EP:110 Panthera Cumbria – DNA developments

In this Cumbria update we discuss new DNA evidence with Sharon Larkin-Snowden following her input to episode 101. 

In October 2023 Sharon found a freshly consumed sheep carcass. Without realising, she also disturbed a big black cat at the scene. Later she swabbed the carcass for any saliva present, for a lab test. She and Rick discuss the DNA result which came back from the University of Warwick  

Sharon and her husband Ian describe their further investigations, including their use of a drone and thermal camera, and the family’s savannah cats provide some background sound effects. 

Our second-half guest is Diane from near Wigan in Lancashire. She has twice witnessed what she believes is a black leopard when dog walking. Diane was interviewed on Sky TV’s Hold the Front Page at the podcast’s big cat stand last September in Cumbria. She and Rick discuss their experience of working with TV comedians to help mainstream the topic of British big cats.  

 Words of the week:   forensic swabbing    

 14 May 2024