EP:25 Power animals in lockdown

Wendy explains her puma and jaguar encounters in Columbia and checking for puma tracks in Cornwall – she recounts her former zoo work and her experience on deeper connections with owls, bears and big cats.

We also hear from Gloucestershire’s Frank Tunbridge about recent local big cat reports and his thoughts on the influence of lockdown on wildlife and big cats.

Word of the week:   cursorial

28 May 2020

EP: 24 Horse sense – predator in the paddock

We discuss big cats and horses with horse trainer Richard – he has seen a black panther in Warwickshire and a puma in California, while our second guest Rachel describes the impacts of a large cat attack on her horse in Herefordshire.

Word of the week:  catamount

14 May 2020

EP:23 Lone Star shadows – America’s hidden panthers

With black panthers reported in many States of America, Michael Mayes, author of Shadow Cats considers the case for undetected black jaguars, black pumas and other candidates.

Michael also compares the stealth of large cats with another mystery animal reported deep in the wilds of America… 

Word of the week:   cryptid

30 April 2020 

EP:22 A cub breaks cover…

John our guest watched a mother and cub at close quarters in Shropshire, making him determined to photograph a big cat – he got his wish 5 years later in a Herefordshire wood.

Words of the week: melanism

18 April 2020

EP: 21 Night patrol – sensing nature’s secrets

Rhoda and Jay discuss searching for wildlife, people and big cats, by using tracking skills and senses, and thermal drones.

Jay describes a black panther seen against the bright landscape of China clay in Cornwall, and Rhoda reflects on skills learnt from her time with Kalahari bushmen.

You can also watch a shorter version of this episode here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=12&v=bxcSVqSI65Y&feature=emb_logo

Word of the week:   ecotone 

3 April 2020

EP20 Jupiter rising – jungle cat prowling

Craig recounts his time as a countryside ranger at Forfar Loch in Angus when he twice encountered a jungle cat. Several visitors also glimpsed the cat(s) and were more fascinated than fearful.

Rick the podcast host compares his experience seeing and hearing a jungle cat in Gloucestershire.

Word of the week:   meso predator 

22 March 2020

EP:19 Forest beasts and boar slayers

We join Alyn and Neil as they stake out the Forest of Dean and find a large wild boar carcass, eaten-out and despatched by a wild predator. They explain a recent big cat sighting through their thermal camera, describe cub sightings (check photo on the BCC web site), and discuss how tracking gets you closer to nature. 

Words of the week: diagonal walking

March 5  2020

EP:18 Panther chat in the pub – scary stories?

From a Forest of Dean pub four guests discuss their big cat encounters.

We hear from local residents Meri and Walter, Tim from Gloucester and James from Shropshire. They compare their different panther sightings and consider whether we should be fearful of these alpha predators in our woods… 

Word of the week:  Topography

21 February 2020

EP17: Bodmin Beasts – farming alongside the legends

John our first guest farms in Wiltshire where he lives alongside black panthers – they’ve been resting in his barn and strolling across pastures… 

Neil our second guest farms in Cornwall amongst local reports of big cats. He describes two past attacks on his ewes which show the hallmarks of a large cat. 

He now has trail cameras on his land and is alert to the prospect of a silent Bodmin Beast passing by. 

7 February 2020

Words of the week:  prey switching

EP:16 Scottish landmarks – big cat hideouts

Our guest Paul recounts his big cat encounters at Glenfinnan and then at Arthur’s Seat near the heart of Edinburgh, where the police also documented a big cat. Paul also re-lives his experience confronting a mountain lion in the Canadian Rockies.

Paul now investigates reports of big cats in the Scottish Borders and networks with local people to understand the nature of the cats.                                  

Word of the week:   naturalise

24 January 2020